The Role Of Income Approach In Determining Business Value For Divorce

Free Seminar For Divorce Attorneys

Thursday, May 9  |  8:30 - 10:00 AM
  Hamrock's in Fairfax, VA

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About This Seminar

A closely-held business is often one of the largest assets involved in a divorce, and as such, a common ground for disputes between spouses. To ensure equitable distribution of assets for their clients, many attorneys rely on accredited valuation experts to perform business valuations.

However, despite their familiarity with business valuations, many divorce attorneys aren’t familiar with how the valuation process works, the key areas of dispute among competing experts and the impact various adjustments can have on a business’s value.

The benefit stream (income) being generated by the business is a key driver when determining value. If you've ever heard of a "cap rate" when discussing a business valuation, that's part of the income approach. But how can it be applied to privately-held companies, particularly in a divorce context?

Join CPA and valuation expert Kirstine Fors, CPA/ABV, CVA, as she discusses:

  • The general theory behind the income approach
  • The various methods used in the income approach

  • Key value drivers in the income approach

  • How to identify potential weaknesses in opposing expert reports

Bring your appetite! Breakfast is on us.

Meet the Presenters

Kirstine Fors, CPA/ABV, CVA

Kirstine is a partner in Gross Mendelsohn’s Forensic, Valuation & Litigation Support Group. With 25 years of experience, Kirstine provides services such as valuation, asset tracing, advising on the classification and division of marital assets, and calculating income for support purposes.

Kaitlin Cardozo, CPA, CVA, CFE

Litigation Analyst

Kaitlin is a member of Gross Mendelsohn's Forensic, Valuation & Litigation Support Group. With 8+ years of experience, Kaitlin provides valuation, forensic accounting and litigation support to divorce attorneys.