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Grow and protect your family’s wealth for generations to come

We advise multi-generation high net worth families on the financial and emotional aspects of wealth

Protecting your family’s future is our priority

You want your family’s wealth to last for generations. Backed by decades of experience with high net worth multi-generation families, our CPAs and wealth advisors will make recommendations with your family’s future and desired lifestyle in mind.

Family education and next generation development

One of the most important ways to preserve wealth is to introduce the younger generations to your family’s values, philanthropic commitments, finances, business interests and best practices for wealth management.




Family communication

At Gross Mendelsohn, our most successful high net worth clients commit to – and follow through with – regular, structured family meetings. Our wealth advisors often facilitate those meetings, which bring together multiple generations and follow a prepared agenda.




Family values and legacy planning

Through skilled facilitation, Gross Mendelsohn’s wealth advisors will help your family identify, fine-tune and craft your values into a cohesive family mission statement, which will be the core of every financial, business and philanthropic decision you make.





When your family has a strategic philanthropic plan in place, charitable giving provides powerful tax and estate planning benefits to you and your family, in addition to the opportunity to support the causes you believe in.




Family governance

Strong family governance establishes a plan for the smooth transition of family wealth from one generation to the next. When your family’s wealth is tied to multiple trusts, estates, investments, businesses and other endeavors, governance will provide continuity through the generations.




Estate planning scorecard

Our complimentary estate planning scorecard will help you assess whether your estate plan is complete and up to date, or whether it needs an overhaul.

We’re here to help you manage and grow your wealth

When you work with us, your family will have a dedicated wealth advisor who is intimately familiar with your family’s assets and goals, and who works tirelessly to grow your wealth while minimizing risk.

See how families like yours have grown with Gross Mendelsohn

“David has a vision of what needs to be done to maintain that lifestyle, and his forecasts have always proven to be on target.”
A Maryland high net worth family member

If you’re thinking, “Gross Mendelsohn sounds great”

Talk with us. We’ll work together to see how we can help grow and protect your family’s wealth.