When you need a financial expert in your corner

Many legal battles are centered around financial issues. Having a credentialed expert in financial aspects on your side can be the key to a winning case.

Whether in settlement negotiations or at trial, our litigation support and forensic accounting professionals can strengthen your case with investigation, analysis and concise presentation of the financial facts.

We’re experienced under pressure

Our forensic accountants provide judges and juries with understandable and instructive opinions, presenting information in a clear, concise manner. We’re qualified as expert witnesses in federal, state and local courts.

We’ll be part of your team

Through all stages of litigation and dispute resolution, we’ll work hand in hand with you — researching tax and accounting issues, analyzing financial data and opposing experts’ reports, calculating damages and providing expert witness testimony at trial.

We also assist with depositions, interrogatories, document requests, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial preparation.

Gross Mendelsohn provides a full spectrum of forensics and litigation support services for cases involving:

Need help?

Have a litigation, forensic, fraud or other issue that requires some brainstorming? Call Jim Kern, CPA, CFE, CVA, for a confidential, no cost or obligation discussion at 800.899.4623 or click here to schedule an appointment.