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Estate Planning Checklist

A free checklist to help you plan for the future transfer of your wealth to the next generation

The checklist guides you through the components of a comprehensive estate plan.

General Considerations

Ensure your wills are up to date and reflect your wishes on distribution of assets, have a professional valuation of your business done, have a durable power of attorney designated for financial decisions and more.

Estate Planning

When estate planning for your spouse and children it's important you're taking advantage of the unlimited marital deduction and all estate tax exemptions, have plans for college funding for your children and grandchildren and more.


If you plan to gift your estate, ensure you have discussed with your professional advisors creating charitable trusts, created trusts that qualify for the receipt of property that is subject to gift tax annual exclusion and more.

Special Considerations

If your net worth exceeds $20 million, there are a few considerations you must keep in mind, such as having a philanthropic strategy that works in sync with your investment, tax and estate plan, establishing trusts to hold all life insurance policies and more.

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