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Gross Mendelsohn's Employee Benefit Plan Audit Practice

About Gross Mendelsohn

Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates is a full-service CPA and consulting firm serving the complete financial needs of businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Led by 20 partners, the firm includes approximately 135 professional and administrative personnel. We have offices in Baltimore, MD and Fairfax, VA.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit Expertise

Gross Mendelsohn audits over 30 employee benefit plans. The types of plans we audit include: 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, welfare benefit plans and ESOP plans. We generally work with plan sponsors with less than $50 million in plan assets and 100-500 employees, but have worked with larger plans.

AICPA EBP MemberGross Mendelsohn is a member of the American Institute of CPAs’ Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a voluntary membership center for firms that audit employee benefit plans. The Audit Quality Center mandates that members adhere to strict requirements surrounding training, experience and reporting relating to 401(k) plan auditing.

Our membership in the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center ensures you that all of our employee benefit plan auditors have current knowledge of applicable professional standards, rules and regulations for employee benefit plan audits. Our team members receive comprehensive annual training each year, providing our clients with knowledgeable, competent team members who can audit their employee benefit plan effectively and efficiently. We understand that clients want to maintain the “qualified” status of your employee benefit plan by complying with the many ERISA, DOL and IRC rules and regulations that govern qualified plans. Gross Mendelsohn keeps clients informed of changes in the tax laws and enforcement policies related to maintaining a qualified plan.

We have also assisted multiple clients who have been the subject of Department of Labor desk reviews.

Peer Review

Gross Mendelsohn’s most recent independent peer review was conducted in 2022. You can view copy of the report here, showing an unmodified opinion. We did not and have not received any letters of comment on this peer review or on any past peer reviews. As part of our own quality control policies, we select each type of employee benefit plan annually for the firm’s internal inspection process.

Our Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group Leader


Reid T. Roberts Partner Gross Mendelsohn

Reid Roberts, CPA

Reid is a partner in the firm’s audit and accounting department, and leads the firm’s employee benefit plan audit practice. Reid specializes in auditing 401(k) plans and ensuring plan compliance with government reporting requirements. Read more about Reid.



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