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Key Investment Group, LLC

CFO delighted with experience of first-time audit.

About Key Investment Group, LLC

Key Investment Group is a full service event ticketing company based in Maryland.


The Situation

When Key Investment Group’s bank required a financial statement audit, CFO Elan Rozmaryn faced an unexpected obstacle. His CPA firm at the time could not commit to performing the audit due to its complexity and the bank-imposed deadline. Elan’s former banker pointed him to Lisa Johnson, CPA, at Gross Mendelsohn. Following several discussions with Lisa, who committed to completing the audit in the desired timeframe, Elan decided to move forward with Gross Mendelsohn.


In Our Client’s Words

“I have always had the personal philosophy of making sure credit is given where credit is due, and in that vein I wanted to take a minute to highlight my spectacular experience working with Lisa Johnson, CPA, and her team (most notably Daniel Villena).

Before diving in, let me give you a little background. My company started in 2017 and has been growing like crazy (outside of a slight hiccup in 2020 that shall not be named) ever since. From that day, every bank that we have worked with aggressively pushed us to have our books audited. Due to the number of transactions that we handle, the uniqueness of my industry, and complexity of the inner workings of my company, every CPA firm that we worked with aggressively steered us to only having our books reviewed for as long as possible. Last year, our bank drew a line in the sand and required us to get our books audited. At that point (as the year drew to a close) my CPA firm informed me that due to the bank imposed timeline for the audit and the complexity, they would not be willing to handle our audit. 

As you could imagine we were in an absolutely panicked state. It was at that point that my old banker introduced me to Lisa. Lisa and I spoke a couple of times and she ultimately sent me a proposal to get me a first year unqualified audit, done in the same timeline that my previous CPA (who had reviewed my books for the past couple years) could not pull off. Honestly, I was pretty dubious that this was even possible, but at that point I was absolutely panicked so I figured it was worth the risk and decided to move forward with Gross Mendelsohn. 

My fears were allayed from the get-go. Lisa and her team were amazing. None of the difficulties that my previous CPAs faced seemed to faze them. The uniqueness of my industry, company, or accounting system did not seem to get in the way of their progress at any point. They were always professional, diligent, and patient in working with me and my patchwork system. They were always willing to go over things that were foreign to them as many times as was necessary to make sure they had a full grasp of what was done and why. They offered guidance and assistance to me and my team throughout the process to help us iron out any kinks in our system and ultimately produced exactly what they promised over a week before it was due. 

Getting this audit complete within the bank imposed timeline can possibly alter the future trajectory of my company in a very meaningful way and I am incredibly grateful to Daniel, Lisa and Gross Mendelsohn because of that. Rest assured that any time I encounter someone looking for a new CPA firm I will be confidently suggesting Gross Mendelsohn and more specifically, Lisa and her team.”

— Elan Rozmaryn, Chief Financial Officer

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