Professional Development

Gross Mendelsohn offers a comprehensive professional development program for partners and staff. Our director of learning oversees training and professional development for staff members and ensures that each staff member has the appropriate training from year to year.

Our professionals stay with us for a long time and have a strong desire to learn and grow, so we invest quite a bit in our staff’s training and career development.

Leadership group*

Gross Mendelsohn has a unique in-house leadership group committed to teaching our employees to strive for excellence, not just in their work but in all areas of life.

All staff levels, including interns, participate in the leadership group’s monthly meetings, led by several of the firm’s partners. Meetings are lively and discussion topics are relevant. The group has discussed how they can incorporate the “seven habits of highly successful people” into their roles in the firm, and the qualities that make great teams.

Through a combination of teaching, feedback and encouragement, this program sharpens participants’ leadership skills and helps our staff reach their full potential.

Mentoring program

The firm’s mentoring program offers staff members a way to receive support in an informal, personal way from more experienced coworkers. Mentors help staff members set personal and professional goals, and work through obstacles and issues as they grow.

Staff members select their mentors after they’ve been with the firm six months. Mentoring sessions occur throughout the year and typically take place over a meal, in the office or at recreational events.

Staff members and their mentors discuss topics such as workload and time management, work / life balance, life at the firm, professional and personal goals, technical questions, and interacting with clients, supervisors and coworkers.

Women’s leadership program

Gross Mendelsohn’s women’s leadership program taps into the expertise of the firm’s female leaders in an effort to inspire our female staff to broaden their professional goals and fulfill their life goals.

Through quarterly meetings and other fun initiatives, like a women’s fitness challenge, Gross Mendelsohn offers career coaching, leadership training, panel discussions and networking opportunities for female employees.

Ongoing training

The firm offers a wide variety of in-house* continuing professional education on topics such as annual tax updates, audit and accounting updates, paperless auditing and tax preparation, employee benefit plan auditing, A-133 audits and Excel.

Because it takes more than solid technical skills to succeed in the accounting profession, Gross Mendelsohn’s staff members attend training programs focused on “soft skills” such as project management, communication and social media for business.

For staff members who “go back to school,” we offer tuition assistance for approved master’s degree courses, as well as courses needed to meet the 150-hour requirement.

CPA candidate support

The firm supports CPA candidates who are studying for the CPA exam. We understand the significance of reaching this milestone and do everything we can to support our staff members who want to take their careers to the next level. Our accountants get paid time off to sit for the CPA exam, a discounted CPA exam study course, and a bonus and salary increase for obtaining the Maryland CPA license.

Orientation for new hires

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and stressful. There are new faces and names, new software programs to learn, and new processes and clients. It helps to have a trusted coworker who can show you the ropes. All new hires are assigned a “buddy” who will help answer your questions and get acclimated at the firm.

New hires go through a comprehensive orientation program, which includes an office tour, introductions to coworkers, lunch, training on software and programs, and more. Of course, development continues with on-the-job training.

Advanced leadership training for partners and principals

At Gross Mendelsohn, training continues even for partners and principals. In addition to attending numerous technical training programs during the year, select partners and/or principals participate in the BKR Leadership Institute, an intensive two-year program designed to develop personal, interpersonal, managerial and organizational skills.

* applies to interns