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What’s in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 (18.2 & 18.3) Release?

By: Michael Marinaro on October 27, 2020

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What’s in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Fall 2020 (18.2 & 18.3) Release?

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Hot off the press! Microsoft just released the newest version of Dynamics GP.


Microsoft has moved GP into the Modern Lifecycle meaning that to stay current on GP, you should plan on installing at least one service pack per year. There will no longer be “major” releases of GP as there were in the past. Moving to the new lifecycle means that you get new features faster and that those major upgrades can be handled much more quickly – as long as you stay current. 


 It’s important to note that GP will no longer support an older version, like 2015. It is best to make the switch to the latest release as soon as possible.


So, what are the new features in this release? Below is quick overview: 



My New Favorite Features


1. Copy and Paste AP Transactions from Excel

You’ve been able to copy and paste GL transactions for a while, but now you can also copy and paste AP transactions including the GL distributions. Just format your Excel file to match the GP format, pick your vendor, and then copy and paste into the PM Transaction entry window and the PM Distributions window. This will help prevent data entry errors and save all those keystrokes entering in your GL distributions!


GP 18.2 Feature GIF



2. Additional Fields in GL Transaction Entry

Let’s face it, you can never have enough information to backup or organize your GL transactions. Now there are two additional UDF fields on the GL transaction entry window where you can put some more information on your transactions.

Pro-tip: You can also use the Doc Attach feature in GP to attach Excel files, PDFs or any file you like to your journal entries to make audit time a breeze!



3. Import Credit Card Transactions

GP can now import qbo/qfx files from your credit card company to populate AP, potentially saving your AP team countless hours of manual entry. You can map individual transactions from your credit card statement to the appropriate GL account saving data entry time on importing the credit card statements. 


In addition to these features, Dynamics GP 18.3 also includes all of the updates needed for 1099s and NEC for 2020, compatibility with MFA for emailing documents through Exchange, as well as multiple fixes (including a fix for that pesky Word Template issue). 


Need Help?

If you have any questions on these new features or if you’re ready for the latest GP release, give us a call at 410.685.5512 or connect with us online to schedule your update today!


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