[Video] 3 Reasons Why We Love PointClickCare

By: Sharon Paul

Today is a great day because we’re announcing our partnership with PointClickCare, the #1 preferred electronic health record (EHR) solution for senior care providers. 

Watch our video or read below to see the top three reasons why our team is elated about being an authorized PointClickCare partner…

Anytime, Anywhere Resident Records

One of our favorite features of PointClickCare is how easy it is to access detailed resident records at the office and on-the-go. For each resident, there’s an extensive clinical record and checklist. The resident record includes a slew of information, including demographics, medication history, point of care notes, dietary needs, specific care instructions, follow up care plan checklists, and more.

The checklist feature sets up specific tasks that the caregiver needs to complete before visiting the next resident. This checklist not only sets up residents to get optimal care, but it also helps staff keep track of their tasks so they can prove to management that they’re providing quality care.

With the desktop software and mobile app, providers can access up-to-the-minute resident records, regardless of where they are. If you’re working in a skilled nursing facility accessing either financial or clinical records, you may prefer to work from your desktop or mobile device. If you’re working in the home healthcare industry, you’ll need a mobile solution that helps you stay on track as you move from one location to another. Combining detailed resident records with mobile access ensures caregivers can provide the detailed and accurate care.

Reduce Vacancy With the Right Modules

A major concern for some senior care facilities is vacancy and developing referrals with strategic partners. That’s why our second favorite feature from PointClickCare is the CRM module, made for both providers and administrators. With built-in CRM software, it’s easy to track availability and occupancy so your administrators can make no vacancy a closer reality.

If you’re looking to achieve full occupancy, you need to do a lot of outreach. Whether it’s following up with your leads, or tracking your work with referral sources, the built-in CRM system is made to keep you organized.

Use activities and tasks to keep your efforts moving forward. Then, when it’s time to admit the resident as a resident, utilize the automated pre-admission and move in processes to make process as seamless, pleasant, and as error-free as possible for the new resident.

While these tools are necessary, the #1 most effective tool in getting new residents is by providing quality service and care. By using the resident CRM, providers will improve their resident care quality. Family members will take notice of how well their loved ones are being cared for and will share their satisfaction via “word of mouth” or online reviews. Building a good reputation from the tools provided by PointClickCare will help you come closer to that elusive “no vacancy” status.

Access Instant, Accurate Reports With Business Intelligence

Another exciting feature of PointClickCare is its business intelligence capabilities. Senior care providers want better reports, but they dread taking so much time putting them together. PointClickCare solves that problem. With easy-to-understand dashboards, PointClickCare shows providers exactly what they need to see, instantly at a glance.

The reports generated in the business intelligence module are entirely customizable to what that specific staff member requests. You can add or delete columns so your report reflects exactly what you need to see. If you need paper copies for records, your customized reports can be easily saved and printed.

PointClickCare designed its dashboards to be just as customizable. Select from a variety of reports to add to your PointClickCare homepage to make sure that you’re seeing the information you need to see. For a user in a clinical role, they may want to build a dashboard that shows shift tasks, diagnoses or events. If someone’s in an administrative position, they may want to see claims, benefits and collections activities at a glance.

Regardless of what position you hold in your healthcare organization, you need to be able to access the right reports easily and efficiently. We’re elated to offer an EHR software that can do exactly that.

The Verdict?

Our team is wildly excited to begin our partnership with PointClickCare so we can help senior care facilities and home healthcare organizations with their business processes and resident care practices.

If you have any questions about how your healthcare organization can get more efficient while boosting your quality of resident care, contact us here or give us a call at 410.685.5512.

Published August 7, 2018

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