Sage 300 2022.2: Enhanced Security, Passwords and Documents

By: Sharon Paul

The second product update for Sage 300 2022 (version 2022.2) is now available and includes new security features.

Let’s take a look at the enhancements added in this latest software release.

More Secure Vendor Tax Numbers

In accounts payable, vendor tax numbers (SSN and SIN numbers) are more secure. A new default setting disables the ability to enter or change tax numbers. They’re now masked so that only the last four characters in the number are displayed.

For example, a nine-digit tax number looks like this: *****4484. To enter, change or see unmasked tax numbers, a user must be assigned the “Tax Number Maintenance” security authorization for accounts payable.

User Passwords More Secure

New controls have been added that make user passwords more secure. In Sage 300 Database Setup, on the “Advanced Security Settings” screen, a new “increase required complexity” option allows you to specify that passwords include at least one of each of the following: lower case letter, capital letter, number and special character (such as *, $, ! or #).

Email Documents Using Microsoft 365

You can now set up Sage 300 to email documents using Microsoft 365 by configuring options in the new “Email Service” field on the “Email” tab of the Company Profile screen. Refer to these email setup instructions for more detail.

Web and Desktop Screens

Sage 300 2022.2 also includes improvements to both web and desktop screens. In Sage 300 web screens, the “Enter job-related documents in Accounts Payable” screen now allows you to enter and work with job-related documents on all accounts payable transaction entry screens. Previously, this option was only available on a couple of select accounts payable screens.

In Sage 300 desktop screens, the “Send test emails using Microsoft Outlook” option enables you to send test emails when setting up your company profile (on the “Email” tab of the “Company Profile” screen).

Watch this release overview video to see some of these new features in action.

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Published May 26, 2022

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