The Hidden Benefits of Cloud Services

By: Bill Walter

There’s a lot of talk about cloud services and how the cloud is improving processes for businesses and nonprofits. But you may still not be privy to some of the lesser-known ways moving to the cloud could advance your organization.

While many of the benefits of cloud services are covered in each service provider's sales documentation, some benefits are hidden behind the scenes even though they’re included with almost every cloud service.

Moving to the Cloud Is Scalable and Cost Effective

One of the strongest benefits of all cloud offerings is scalability. You only pay for what you need or use, and when you need more, you can get more.

That scalability goes both ways. Hidden inside this feature is yet another advantage—the uniform cost of the service. Anyone who keeps an eye on the bottom line appreciates knowing there are no surprises around the corner when it comes to cost.

You Need Fewer In-House Resources

Many businesses are concerned with “going green” and incorporating less wasteful and more environmentally friendly practices. When you move your data or apps into the cloud, you need fewer resources in-house (both physical hardware and expertise) that require physical materials and have less of an environmental impact.

With a cloud service, you leverage the provider’s extremely efficient data centers, so you don't have to worry as much about your local server closet's power consumption and cooling needs (no more fans).

Fast Response Time

Cloud service providers are vendors that provide a service via the internet to replace or enhance what an organization would have to create on their own. This can be a single software application, computing power or a combination of the two. All these services leverage virtualization and allow for vast scalability.

When you outsource a service to the cloud, you leverage that vendor's highly specialized staff. That translates into not only a reliable service, but fast response times when you need support. When you choose to move a service into a cloud format, you typically get up and running quickly with a straightforward transition.

Cloud Services Level the Playing Field

No matter what size your business is, cloud offerings are the same for everyone. That makes it easier to keep your business working at the same level as the rest of your industry.

We’ve seen an exponential increase in the adoption of cloud services. It looks as if large companies are moving faster while the small business market is moving a bit slower, but that seems to be due to the decision makers being unsure of how to proceed.

Our advice is to shop around, take advantage of free trials and talk to people already using the service. If you decide to move to the cloud, you'll want to carefully plan for a successful cloud migration.

Need Help?

If you're thinking about a move to the cloud, or if you are already there and want to be sure you're using it effectively for your business, contact us here or call 410.685.5512.


Published March 15, 2023

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