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7 Signs Your Business’s Technology Tools Are Outdated

By: Bill Walter on June 10, 2019

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7 Signs Your Business’s Technology Tools Are Outdated


There’s the old saying that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

While there is some merit to that philosophy, it doesn’t hold true with technology. When your business relies on all sorts of technology tools for efficiency, productivity, customer service, and so much more, IT is not something to ignore or skimp on.

The truth is, there are subtle (and no-so-subtle) signs that your IT system might be failing, or worse, jeopardizing your business’s cyber security.

While we certainly don’t advocate for spending money on unnecessary technology, there are some clear indicators that point to a need to upgrade your IT system.

The technology in your business is outdated if …

1. You can make a donut run in the time it takes your computer to turn on.

If you push the power button on your computer and have to wait five minutes or more before you can log in, your IT is outdated. Advances in hard drives have made computers much faster than they used to be. As an example, a solid state hard drive in a new PC can boot up in 10-20 seconds.

2. Your monitor takes some serious muscle to pick up.

If your monitor is square or looks like an old tube television, it is way out of date.


Newer models are more compact, lightweight, inexpensive and, most importantly, easier on your eyes.

3. Your operating system is older than your best bottle of wine.

When an older operating systems reaches EOL (end of life), it is no longer supported. This means no security patches or updates are available, which can translate into lost or compromised data.

Pro tip: Windows 7 will reach that milestone January 14, 2020. Now is the time to plan your transition to a more current operating system.

4. People have trouble opening the documents you send them.

If your customers and vendors are having trouble opening the documents you send them, your software, like Microsoft Word or Excel, might be out of date.

Updating software doesn’t have to be overly costly. You have the option of purchasing software outright or using online tools in the cloud. It just depends on your organization’s needs and budget.

5. Your computer moves at a sloth-like speed.

Did you just get the fastest internet ever, but the performance from your PC didn’t change much?

It could be that your PC is the issue or it could be the network equipment between your PC and your internet connection. Although switches are locked away in a server room or closet, they don't get the glory they deserve until someone gets caught in a bottleneck. One new switch can improve performance across your business.

6. Your wireless network rolls out the welcome mat for hackers.

Don't forget about your wireless network. While certain security protocols previously protected your business, those same protocols are now easily bypassed by novice hackers.

It’s time to lock down your wireless network. Put cyber security best practices into place. Wireless access points have improved dramatically in recent years. Keep them updated to help protect your business from unwanted cyber intruders, while still giving your staff access to the files and technology tools they need to be productive.

7. Hackers are finding holes in your firewall.

Does your firewall protect you from advanced threats? An outdated firewall can slow down your internet access, and worse, leave your company vulnerable to hackers.

Newer firewalls have additional layers of security software that help raise the bar of protection. Intrusion prevention tools monitor incoming traffic and block it when necessary. Having an additional layer of anti-virus on your gateway can also be helpful.

The Cost of Outdated IT

A slow-running computer system is frustrating. But frustrating is only the tip of the iceberg. A slow system is often a key indicator that there are deeper IT problems in your organization. If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, do yourself a favor and have an IT pro identify the vulnerabilities in your technology systems. You’ll not only keep your business more secure, but you’ll boost your productivity by leaps and bounds.

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