6 Ways to Profitably Scale Your Business with NetSuite Order Management

By: Chris Haiss

As your manufacturing and/or distribution business grows, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with increased orders and pressure from growing prospects.

Today’s business environment demands efficient, transparent and automated order fulfillment. It’s what differentiates your business and creates loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates.

NetSuite Order Management enables you to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for quick, accurate order fulfillment, while profitably scaling your business.

Let’s explore how you can grow and organize your business with NetSuite Order Management.

1. Order Orchestration

Automate and manage the end-to-end order lifecycle: order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communications and settlement. Support complex processes such as split shipments and drop ship.

2. Inventory Visibility

Get a single source of truth for inventory, spanning warehouses, stores and 3PL locations. Manage commitments and Available-to-Promise (ATP) inventory accurately across all channels, linking commerce to your supply chain. Boost inventory management across all locations with inventory planning, replenishment and warehouse management capabilities.

3. Fulfillment Execution

NetSuite’s order fulfillment adapts to all warehouse types. Smaller facilities can use the native pick, pack and ship functionality, and integrate with key shipping providers. Larger locations can leverage NetSuite Warehouse Management for sophisticated, outbound fulfillment operations. You can also transmit orders to third-party fulfillment providers or external warehouses. Even orders with personalization or assemble/make-to-order requirements are seamlessly managed. NetSuite also supports digital fulfillment and integration with the service providers of your choice.

4. Drop-ship/Endless Aisle

An end-to-end automated drop-ship fulfillment process provides the capabilities to expand your assortment without increasing warehouse and store footprints. Efficiently manage drop-ship programs, including order capture and validation, communicating drop-ship orders to suppliers, receipt of supplier acknowledgement and shipping confirmations, seamless communications back to the customer and settlement with the supplier.

5. Returns and Exchanges

Set rules to accept returns from all channels, fulfill exchanges and manage the credit process. NetSuite eliminates points of failure found in disparate systems to ensure accurate returns, confirm saleable items return to ATP inventory without delay, and detect and address any potential quality issues or fraud.

6. Customer Service

A seamless omnichannel experience requires customer service representatives (CSRs) and store associates to be empowered with order management capabilities to help with customer inquiries about product availability, placing orders and managing post-order changes and issues.

Key Benefits

Here are five of my favorite features of NetSuite Order Management:

  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value
  • Boost profits with effective inventory and order management
  • Deliver seamless cross-channel interactions
  • Empower employees to service customers across all touchpoints
  • Spend less to integrate, maintain and change your order management processes

Need Help?

If you’d like to profitably scale your business with this unique tool, feel free to contact us online or call 410.685.5512 to see a system like this in action.

Published February 12, 2021

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