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3 Juicy Secrets You Missed If You Didn’t Attend the Last Sage 300 Users Group

By: Sharon Paul on March 04, 2019

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3 Juicy Secrets You Missed If You Didn’t Attend the Last Sage 300 Users Group

ERP and CRM Systems

There were several golden nuggets revealed at our last Sage 300 (Accpac) Users Group.

The Sage 300 Users Group is an annual event our team hosts to help Sage users discover new ways to utilize the software. We constantly accumulate feedback and questions from our Sage clients over the year and cover those topics during the event. Once we get our Sage experts in the same room (which doesn’t happen often with our busy schedules), magic happens.

Here are a few things you missed if you didn’t attend the last Sage 300 Users Group:

1. Reporting Is Less Of A Hassle With This Tool

We still can’t find person who “loves” pulling and creating reports. With new business intelligence software capabilities, users can learn to love it.

Business intelligence software pulls information from multiple systems -- your ERP system, accounting software, CRM system, e-Commerce solutions, and more. Once it plugs into your various software systems, it pulls information into one consolidated dashboard for instant, easy viewing.

At our users group, Anusone Saenphimmachak, one of our resident Sage experts, dove into one of our favorite business intelligence solutions for Sage users, Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI), to show how to set up a dashboard, what it should look like, how to create and modify existing reports, and more.

Check out the segment in this video.

2. Sage 300 Got A Much-Needed Facelift

In 2018, Sage unveiled all their intended upgrades to improve the user experience on their platform.

They updated their security features, tax history clearing options, and email capabilities. They also unveiled their Sage 300Cloud platform with updated web screens for users.

See the full list of upgrades in this video.

3. Some Users May Benefit From Switching To Sage 300Cloud

At the beginning of 2018, Sage rolled out their newest solution, Sage 300Cloud. Sage 300Cloud is a subscription-style ERP system that’s accessible either on-premise or in the cloud.

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Sage users were receiving calls and advertisements from Sage about switching from the popular on-premise solution to the subscription-based solution. Many users made the switch, and here’s why:

Sage 300Cloud offered expanded hosting capabilities.

While it’s called Sage 300Cloud, it can be installed as on-premise software. However, since it’s HTML5 based, it can be accessed remotely on mobile devices.

Sage 300Cloud is incredibly easy to use.

The dashboard-style home screen makes both navigation and seeing critical information easy-as-pie. Plus, there’s an advanced finder tool available on the platform and a “recently used” window to make navigating through the software faster than traveling in the Millennium Falcon through hyperspace.

Sage 300Cloud has vastly improved web screens.

Users of Sage 300Cloud are no longer limited to any particular browser. You get full reins to a functional dashboard on a browser-based homepage on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Beth McNally dishes out what you need to know about Sage 300 vs. Sage 300Cloud in this video.

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