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[Video] GP2018 R2 Has Been Released And You Won’t Believe What It Looks Like…

By: Michael Marinaro on December 17, 2018

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[Video] GP2018 R2 Has Been Released And You Won’t Believe What It Looks Like…

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Our 2018 Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group attendees got an exclusive look at the newest version of GP, and now you can see it too.

In October 2018, Microsoft Dynamics GP released a slew of updates to improve functionality across the already robust ERP system, including upgrades to the user interface, core financials, purchasing, sales modules, distribution and supply chain processes, payroll, and workflows. Watch this video or read below to discover what Microsoft has in store for GP users.

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User Interface Updates

  • Unique passwords for SmartList favorites
  • Shortcut to SmartList on the web client
  • Auto-complete on the web client
  • Bulk update master records from navigation lists

Core Financials Updates

  • Monthly recurring batches
  • Transaction level post through
  • Additional sorting options on RM and PM inquiry windows
  • Additional sorting options on bank reconciliation
  • Duplicate check numbers
  • Hide inactive checkbooks
  • Copy users across AA dimensions

Purchasing Updates

  • Checkbook ID defaults on PM batch
  • One check per vendor/invoice option now set at the vendor level
  • Save payment settings for building payment batches
  • Payables windows renamed from “check” to “payment”
  • Vendor document number now on all-in-one view
  • Visual warning when vendor is on hold

Sales Updates

  • New SmartList for customer deposits
  • Print (2018) and email (2018 R2) customer statements from customer card and inquiry
  • Retain ship-to-address name when modifying/combining customers
  • Print and email sales documents at the same time
  • Sales order transaction navigation list-print document option for functional or originating currency

Distribution and Supply Chain Updates

  • Purchase order generation list opens with newest POs
  • PO information displayed for requisition originator
  • Print purchase requisition
  • Display hold status in the sales transaction entry
  • Allow partial purchase on a requisition
  • Additional formats for emailing purchase orders
  • Exclude items on HITB with zero quantity or value

Payroll Updates

  • Roll down payroll setup options from setup to inactive records
  • Turn off garnishment reports in posting setup
  • Change the department code in all data tables
  • Restrict inactive deduction and benefit codes in lookup windows
  • Advanced wellness and health insurance integration
  • Total FICA due shows on payroll check register report
  • Start and end dates for pay codes
  • Shared maximums for benefits and deductions

Workflow Updates

  • Reminder emails
  • Copy workflow steps
  • New reporting for workflow status and history
  • Additional fields available in vendor approval, including vendor account number, comments, vendor class, payment priority and vendor EFT bank
  • New workflows available, including GP accounts, PO receipts, PO invoices, and sales transaction workflows

System Updates

  • Password length to 21 characters
  • Password expiration notification
  • Hide business analyzer for all users
  • Login remembered in system manager
  • Comprehensive document attachment
  • BI enhancements
  • Intelligent Cloud insights

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