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[Infographic] How To Ship & Invoice Multiple Orders At Once In Sage 300

By: Elizabeth McNally on February 28, 2018

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[Infographic] How To Ship & Invoice Multiple Orders At Once In Sage 300

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Using Sage 300’s order entry module is a great way to handle shipping and billing processes with ease. However, there is one catch: Sage 300 requires that each individual order is shipped and invoiced separately.

We’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a way to get around that limitation.

How Sage 300 Order Entry Can Be Limiting

Sage 300 provides three separate icons for order entry, shipment entry and invoice entry, under the assumption that some companies will want to separate those responsibilities. Experienced users prefer processing all three at the same time, but Sage 300 has built-in roadblocks that prohibit users from doing so. 

If you’re only processing a few large orders a day, this is not a big deal. It gets complicated if your team processes multiple orders a day and has to search for shippable orders. If this applies to your business, you’re probably frustrated by how long this takes when you could be moving on to the next order.

How To Work Around Sage 300’s Limitation

With this popular add on from TaiRox, you can easily get around that limitation. Using the TaiRox Productivity Tools Ship Orders option, you can ship multiple orders in the time it would normally take to process one shipment.

Orders to ship can be selected based on the order number, order date, customer number, expected ship date or any optional field assigned to order headers. This gives you a lot of flexibility in selecting orders to be shipped at any particular time.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

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