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This eagle scout enjoys a challenge, especially when it comes to complicated business systems. His diversity of experience gained through working with several industries over the past 18 years has provided him an in-depth understanding of Microsoft development tools. Michael acquired a passion for Microsoft around 1998. He has been programming with Microsoft tools since Visual Basic 4.0 and working with Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.5.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting

8 Fundamental KPIs Your Financial Pros Need In Their Business Intelligence Dashboard

Why doesn’t your banking dashboard show your daily calorie count? Sure, you might like to know how many calories you’ve consumed so far, but that’s better suited for your health and fitness apps rather than your online bank account’s home screen. The same principles apply to your business intelligence dashboard. We are constantly distracted by incoming emails, new information from various departments, and perhaps your chatty officemate. Your business intelligence dashboard should be a distraction-free interface that focuses only on the information that’s relevant to you. Using tools like Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you can set up specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to appear on your dashboard, which will help you with your day-to-day tasks.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting  |  Construction & Real Estate  |  Healthcare  |  Manufacturing & Distribution  |  Nonprofit  |  Service Businesses

The Surprising Reason Your Staff Is So Productive

We expect a lot out of our software. We want our ERP systems to store large amounts of data and make information easily accessible to users. We want our business intelligence software to generate meaningful reports and insights on-demand. All of our software needs to work fast, and we refuse to compromise on security. With powerful tools like Microsoft Dynamics GP and PowerBI, these demands are met—but don’t be fooled, there’s a lot going on behind the curtain to make it work.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting  |  Construction & Real Estate  |  ERP and CRM Systems  |  Healthcare  |  Manufacturing & Distribution  |  Nonprofit  |  Service Businesses

What Is Business Intelligence And How Can You Start Using It?

Have you ever wondered why your accounts receivable person hates pulling reports? It’s because they don’t have business intelligence tools. Business intelligence software helps staff build accurate reports in less time than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at what business intelligence encompasses, and how organizations are using it to make smart business decisions.

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ERP and CRM Systems

The Easiest Way To Reduce Multi-Company Expense Processing Time By 75% In Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you’re managing expenses for several companies in one ERP system, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With a few simple steps, combined with some custom programming, you can start managing your multi-company expenses in a fraction of the time.

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