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4 Totally Free Ways To Instantly Boost Your Organization’s Cyber Security

By: Bill Walter on October 11, 2019

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4 Totally Free Ways To Instantly Boost Your Organization’s Cyber Security


It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Every October, the government publishes a few extra resources to build awareness about cyber security. Several organizations might think that involves purchasing a new software or signing up with a new IT team. While that can be the case, you don’t always have to empty your wallet to improve your organization’s cyber security.

In celebration of NCSAM, we put together a quick list of free tools you can use to evaluate your organization’s cyber security level.

1. Subscribe To Your Favorite Cyber Security Blog

Keeping on top of cyber security news can be a challenge. By tuning in to a trustworthy blog you’ll get free, reliable advice for keeping your systems safe.


We don’t mean to be biased, but our blog holds several golden nuggets of advice to help you learn cyber security best practices. Several posts have action items to help you learn DIY cyber security tips, rather than purchase a product to do so. Our favorites are…

If you’re a little out of date on the latest cyber security best practices, bookmark these articles or read them for a refresher.

2. Send An FYI Email With Cyber Security Tips To Your Team

We know you’re fatigued by the dozens of internal emails, but sending a simple educational email like this could save your organization from a major cyber security threat.

Here’s how it works in our own organization. Our internal HelpDesk shares potential phishing threats coming through our system with a warning message. This warns our staff to not open the link if they received that particular email. If you come across a phishing message, or you see a widespread threat pop up like the Docusign Desperado, send out an FYI message to your team to avoid getting hit.

Aside from existing threats, your team needs to know about general cyber security best practices. Many organizations will only train an employee on cyber security best practices in their first week. Cyber threats are always evolving; it’s critical to continue to do cyber security awareness training to protect your organization.

Cyber security awareness training can be costly if you’re bringing in an outside speaker. If you work with an IT provider already, they can likely provide a speaker for you at a reasonable rate. Another option is to download our free cyber security awareness guide and share it with your team. This isn’t the same level of detail that a speaker would offer, but it’s a good start to get your team up to speed on email threats, internet threats, malware, and more.

3. Do Your Future Self A Favor And Schedule A Network Scan



A cyber security breach can be prevented with proper maintenance and attention to cyber security best practices. Do yourself a favor and schedule a scan to identify where a potential hacker could break through.

There are pieces of network infrastructure that are critical to keeping a cyber threat from destroying your business, and your reputation. A free scan will identify potential vulnerabilities hiding in your network and give you a trustworthy grade of health for your systems.

Organizations can sometimes forget to update user permissions on security software, or maintain their backups as meticulously as they should. While it might not be an issue for the day-to-day, it becomes a fatal issue in the event of a cyber breach. A quick scan of your network can help you identify the parts of your network that could use some TLC.

4. Attend Your Local Cyber Security Events For Essential Tips…And New Friends!



A seminar can give you key, and often free, advice for tackling cyber security in your organization. Plus, you can make friends, and who doesn’t love having more of those?

The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) also has a ton of free events in the area. By subscribing to local blogs and email updates, you can get invites to their events and get up to speed on the best cyber security tips out there.

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