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Chandler’s Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc.

This family-owned business finds Gross Mendelsohn jumping into help at every turn.

About Chandler's Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc.

Chandler’s Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc. is a family-owned plumbing/HVAC business in northern Virginia. The business, which has multiple generations of family members on board, was named “top home expert” by readers of Northern Virginia Magazine. Chandler’s Plumbing & Heating also handles bathroom remodeling.


The Situation

When Renee Cordova unexpectedly landed in an accounting role in the family business, she was thankful to be working with Dan Larson of Gross Mendelsohn, as she had no accounting background. Dan helps Chandler’s Plumbing & Heating with quarterly payroll taxes along with annual tax planning and preparation.


In Our Client's Words

“My mom used to handle all the bookkeeping for the business. When she suddenly passed away, I found myself in that role but I had no experience in accounting. Dan held my hand and walked me through everything.

I trust Dan 100%. He always leads me and our business in the right direction.

Dan doesn’t just help us with routine tax and accounting issues. He’s always there for us no matter what we need. He completes our business license renewals and helps gather information for our annual insurance audits. Dan was also right there to lend a hand with our Paycheck Protection Program loan. Applying for a PPP loan was a little overwhelming. Dan jumped in without us asking and handled the entire thing so that all we had to do was hit ‘submit.’

As a bonus, Dan is personable and super easy to work with. He is not your typical CPA.”

— Renee Cordova, Office Manager

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