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Best Practices for Better Private School Financial Management [On-Demand Webinar]

Take your school from ho-hum to exceptional

Between rising costs and decreases in enrollment, not to mention keeping up with day-to-day duties, private schools often employ the same ho-hum tactics that get the same ho-hum results. In this free on-demand webinar, you'll learn fresh ways to make your private school stronger. You'll hear best practices, real-life stories and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to your school’s strategic planning, fundraising, endowment fund and annual audit.


    Webinar Panel    


Ernie Paszkiewicz, CPA  |  Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates

As the director of the firm's Nonprofit Group, Ernie has 40+ years of experience working with private schools and nonprofits. Described by clients as a "people's person," Ernie finds helping his clients succeed one of the best parts of being a CPA. Ernie provides audit, tax and consulting services.


Lisa Johnson, CPA  |  Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates

Lisa finds the passion that her clients have for their mission contagious. She's been helping private schools grow through audit and accounting services for 15+ years.

RLWRichard Wolf, CPA  |  Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates

A nonprofit auditor and strategic planning guru with 20+ years of experience, Richard loves helping private schools succeed through strategic planning.

Michael Little, CFP®  |  GGM Wealth Advisors

Mike is the director of wealth management at GGM Wealth Advisors. His 13+ years of wealth management experience come in handy when helping manage endowment funds for private schools.