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CAPTIONS FINAL Next Level - Trailer - Season 1


Next Level is a video series for business owners who want to grow their business. 

In each episode, you’ll watch interviews with subject matter experts who will cover business growth hacks, tips and advice to push your business to the next level. You’ll learn about topics like accounting, hiring, marketing, technology, investment management and more.

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Samantha Androsky and David Goldner filming an episode of Next Level


This Season We'll Cover

  • Common tax problems at a growing business
  • Hiring lessons from an HR expert
  • Setting up your technology to scale
  • Growth stories from successful business owners
  • How to invest the right way for business growth
  • Expanding your reach through marketing
  • Accounting best practices for a growing business

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Next Level was created and produced by Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, an accounting, technology and wealth advisory firm with offices in Maryland and Virginia. If you have any questions about the series, reach out to us here.

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