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Introducing the Firm's Newest Partners

DAG - 2020 -  Partner Promotion


Join us in congratulating our four new partners!

We're thrilled to announce that Daniel Larson, David Leipnik, Michael Marinaro and Bill Walter have been elected partners in the firm.

With a proven track record of going above and beyond for their clients, we're excited to bring their energy and ideas to our partner group.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our newest partners.  

Daniel Larson, EA

With 20+ years of experience in public accounting, Dan specializes in providing tax services to small businesses and individuals. If you run into Dan on the street, you might want to check that it’s him. Watch the video to learn why! 

Read more about Dan.

DAL-SKA - Partner 2020

David Leipnik, CPA

David provides tax services for a wide array of clients, including businesses, nonprofits and high net worth individuals. David is also multilingual. Check out the video to learn which languages he speaks.

Read more about David.

DXL-SKA - Partner 2020

Michael Marinaro, CPA

Michael helps clients set up ERP and accounting software. He joined the firm in 1998. Watch the video to hear about one of his favorite memories at the firm involving firm co-founder, Jerry Gross. 

Read more about Michael.

MTM-SKA - Partner 2020

Bill Walter, MCSE, PMP

With 21+ years of experience working in technology, Bill is the firm's cyber security and networking guru. You might not know that Bill has a slew of pets at home (including the exotic kind). Watch the video to hear the full list!

Read more about Bill.

WLW-SKA - Partner 2020

Team of CPAs discuss management advisory services

We’re not your average CPA firm

We help businesses, families and nonprofits through coordinated accounting, tax, business, technology and wealth advisory solutions. While we’ve been in business since before man walked on the moon, the tools we use to get the job done have changed immensely since 1960. But we still measure our success by the quality of our relationships with our clients.

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