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A weekly video series on how business owners can survive and thrive during a pandemic.

COVID-19 turned the business world upside down. Employees went virtual. Sales stalled (or in some cases skyrocketed). Long-standing operations underwent makeovers. Several months later, business owners are still facing new pandemic related challenges every day. That's why we asked our team at Gross Mendelsohn to share their biggest piece of advice for business owners when it comes to surviving and thriving during a pandemic.

Lisa Carmichael

Virtual Networking

With in-person events on the back burner, Lisa Carmichael has some tips for business owners on how to build their network virtually.

Advice From - Video 5 - LRC


Sharon Paul

Microsoft Teams

Sharon Paul's #1 tip for remote work is to find a collaboration tool to help keep your team connected. Here at Gross Mendelsohn we use Microsoft Teams.

Advice From - Video 6 - SLP



Dan Larson

Time for Tax Planning!

With all of the pandemic related tax changes this year, Dan Larson says tax planning is going to be more important than ever.

Advice From - Video 3 - DAL


Ernie Paszkiewicz

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Forgiveness

One of Ernie Paszkiewicz's biggest tips for businesses is to wait the full 24 weeks to apply for PPP loan forgiveness.

Advice From - Video 4 - EJP


Len Rus

Internal Communication

Managing partner Len Rus' tip for business owners: communication sets the tone at the top and consistency matters. 

Advice From - Video 1 - LBR


Linda Pietras

Keeping Employees Safe

Linda Pietras’ biggest piece of advice for businesses right now? Stay the course. Dealing with this pandemic is a marathon not a sprint.

Advice From - Video 2 - LRP



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