About EBA Engineering, Inc.

EBA Engineering, Inc. is a full-service civil engineering and consulting firm. Founded in 1952, the firm’s services include civil, geotechnical, water / wastewater, environmental, and transportation engineering; construction management and inspection; materials testing; and surveying and mapping. Learn more at www.ebaengineering.com.

The situation

The management team at EBA Engineering has relied on Gross Mendelsohn since 1990 to handle all of its accounting, finance and tax needs. In addition to handling EBA’s financial and overhead audit and tax needs, Gross Mendelsohn's Construction & Real Estate Group handles all of the tax needs of EBA’s shareholders and has consulted extensively on issues pertaining to succession and strategic planning.

In our client's words

“Every organization has two primary needs: good accounting and legal advice. Plain and simple, Gross Mendelsohn handles all of our accounting needs. Steve Ball, David Lanchak and Diana DeWitt from Gross Mendelsohn give us the information we need to make good decisions about our business and our personal finances. Equally as important, they deliver services on time.”

-- Nanda Sen, President